Tornado Easy Horizontal Washer

Reliable Horizontal Washer for Various Applications

The Tornado Easy Horizontal Washer is designed to accurately wash glass and is available in a range of 1300mm (51”) to 3300mm (129”) maximum glass size. Tornado Easy is usable as a stand alone unit, with various applications.

The Tornado Easy is designed as a basic version of the Tornado HP and maintains its basic features:

  • Mechanical systems designed for a long-lasting lifetime
  • All parts in contact with water made in stainless steel or anti-corrosion materials
  • Perfect washing and drying, even at the maximum speed
  • Drying section featuring stainless steel blowers
  • Complete with a final rinsing circuit
  • Simplified maintenance with “easy access” tanks
  • Ergonomic control panel

For additional information visit the Neptun Website or give Matodi a call 336-668-2300.