Tornado Easy Horizontal Washer

Reliable Horizontal Glass Washing Machine for Various Applications

The Tornado Easy Horizontal Glass Washing Machine is designed to accurately wash glass and is available in a range of 1300mm (51”) to 3300mm (129”) maximum glass size. It can be equipped with four or six brushes, depending on the cleaning level needed. Tornado Easy is usable as a stand-alone unit, with various applications.

The Tornado Easy is designed as a basic version of the Tornado HP and maintains its important features to provide value when high performance is not a production requirement:

  • Suitable for washing and drying many types of glass, including float, acid edged, colored, printed, and pyrolytic glass
  • Mechanical systems designed for a long-lasting lifetime
  • All parts in contact with water made in stainless steel or anti-corrosion materials
  • Optional pre-washing section to remove glass powder or chemical products
  • Perfect washing and drying, even at the maximum speed
  • Drying section featuring stainless steel blowers
  • Quite drying section featuring sound absorbent material
  • Complete with a final rinsing circuit
  • Simplified maintenance and cleaning with “easy access” tanks
  • Ergonomic control panel

Many options are available to customize the Tornado Easy to fit your production needs. From a tank heating device to a reverse osmosis demineralizer, Matodi can help you put together the machine that will be the best investment for your business. Matodi is also your source for installation, tooling, and parts to keep your washer in the best shape for years to come.

For additional information visit the Neptun Website or give Matodi a call 336-668-2300.