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More than just another machine and tool supplier for the Flat Glass Industry, Matodi takes great pride in making sure that every one of our customers receive the best possible service and support, from the smallest customer to the largest corporate accounts.




Matodi Barbaric Lifters

Undetected glass defects from scratches and inclusions to  structural issues may result in high completed unit rejects, decreased efficiency and increased production costs. If the     defects go completely unnoticed…

There is a growing trend in the size and weight of glass that glass fabrication and window and door industry workers are required to lift and handle. Potential issues surrounding this trend can lead to…

GoldGlass Paintline and Matodi

As the new year begins, you may find that you require updated equipment in order to expand upon the capabilities of your business — and the demands of your customers. One example of this is the growing popularity of back painted glass

There’s a new printing line in town – Dinamica from Keraglass. The printing and coating machinery produced by Keraglass is always impressive, but Dinamica brings some new and exciting features to the flat glass industry. This printing line is ideal for those with…