IMMMES Glass Water Treatment System

Matodi and IMMMES – The superior solution for your glass water treatment needs.

Imagine a glass water treatment system that is a fully automatic 100% closed loop system with water clean enough to run through your CNC and washing machines.

IMMMES DTP is a unique water treatment system, and will save your company countless hours in maintenance costs, as well as extend the life of your machines and tooling!

Glass sludge is deposited in disposable bags for easy disposal. The glass sludge winds up in a bag instead of your machine!

IMMMES DTP systems are available in different configurations and sizes to accommodate any size fabricator!

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Features of the IMMMES DTP system:

  • Automatic, self-maintaining
  • 100% closed loop system
  • No chemicals to “balance” or maintain the system
  • No bearings to wear out
  • No pressure washing needed for the filter press
  • Clean water down to less than 10 micron
Note the glass swarf comes out in clean, dry bricks!

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