B1 Glasslifter

Barbaric manufactures world-class lifters with features and capabilities that can’t be found anywhere else!

Features of the Barbaric B1:

  • Lift up to 550 or 1100 pounds
  • Unique “push off” feature- with a touch of a button, the glass is released from the vacuum cups
  • Built in safety system – will not release glass prematurely preventing accidents
  • Integrated chain hoist with infinitely variable speed – smooth movement for raising and lowering glass!
  • Ergonomic control handle with easy access to all controls
  • Boom, support arms, and vacuum cups have a wide range of adjustment to suit a variety of applications
  • No vacuum pump to maintain!

Optional tilting telescoping handle

Barbaric B1 1500KG lifter for insulated glass

Featuring retractable legs for the support of insulated units.

For more information visit the Barbaric website or give Matodi a call: 336-668-2300.