WASHING MACHINES – Vertical and Horizontal


Neptun Vertical Washing Machines

LV Top

LV Top is designed for those who need a machine for efficient washing and drying with practically no maintenance costs. All parts in contact with water, including the washing and transport roller shafts, are made of stainless steel. This ensures that LV Top has superior quality coupled with a very long usable life.

Superinox Vertical Washer

Superinox vertical washing machine is one of the best performing Vertical Washers on the market today. SUPERINOX features a high level of automation, reliability and performance with attention to detail. SUPERINOX is suitable for operation in line with seaming machines or in high production insulated production lines.

Wave Easy and Wave HP

The entry-level version, Wave Easy, comes with a robust structure, suitable for intensive, industrial processing, but with minimal automation and limited performance. This basic version can be enriched with various solutions up to the full-featured version, Wave HP, with total automation and superior performance in all directions: productivity, washing quality, integration into business processes. In both cases, construction and components ensure maximum reliability over time.

“On Board” Vertical Washer LV322-40

What’s interesting about this machine:

  • completely integrated in the edger
  • automatic thickness adjustment up to 40mm

Neptun Horizontal Washing Machines

Tornado Easy

The Tornado Easy Horizontal Washer is designed to accurately wash glass and is available in a range of 1300mm (51”) to 3300mm (129”) maximum glass size. Tornado Easy is usable as a stand alone unit, with various applications.

Tornado HP

Tornado HP is the top performing horizontal washing machine on the market. Especially intended for users who need impeccable reliability and faultless results at every stage of processing. Tornado HP is available in a range of 1300mm (51”) to 3300mm (129”) maximum glass size.

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