Vertical Glass CNC Solutions

Series Quick Increases Your Productivity.

NEW: QUICK 2 T8 160-30

Quick 2 T8 160-30 is an innovative and automatic vertical glass CNC drilling-milling machine. It can drill, countersink, mill quickly with high precision, and execute notches and portholes on flat glass sheets with dimensions up to 1600 x 3000 mm. The Quick 2 T8 is designed for those who are not able to have separate drilling and milling machines due to a lack of space, but are looking for the benefits of drilling and milling capabilities.

This machine is equipped with an automatic double tooling carrousel featuring 8 front and 8 rear positions. Based on Neptun’s established experience in this technology, the Quick 2 was conceived with the newest innovative solutions. This working asset is made for those who require precision, quality, and a long lifetime for their investment.

Quick 2 can execute all types of work on the entire surface of the glass sheet, without any “black-out zones.”

The structure has an open top that allows you to work with glass sheets with a height up to 2400 mm.

The entire Quick series can be customized with a series of options, to make it the ideal tool for your own production needs.

Possible workings

  • Drilling of flat glass sheets
  • Drilling on the edge of the glass sheets (half holes)
  • Countersinks of the drilling holes (Ø max. countersink 75 mm)
  • Deep countersinks (Ø max. countersink 75 mm)
  • Milling of notches on flat glass sheets with dimensions up to 200x300mm.
  • Seaming of milled profiles
  • Milling and seaming of portholes with diameter up to 200mm

DCS (Drill control System) manages the cutting capacity of the tool for maximum life and performance

QUICKLINE – Vertical Glass CNC Multi-Machine Solutions

Why two separate machines instead of one?

There are a lot of good reasons to consider QUICKLINE if you have the space for multiple machines:

  • Two machines (the QuickDrill and the QuickMill) are mechanically simpler than an “all-in-one machine.”
  • Easier to maintain
  • Easier to program
  • Easier to operate
The 8 Position rotary tool changer allows the maximum flexibility for both production and custom work!

Key Features of the QUICKDRILL T8:

  • 8 + 8 position automatic tool changer – Changes tools in just 8 seconds!
  • Automatic measuring system – Automatically adjusts for the length of the tools
  • Automatic tool redressing system
  • DCS (Drill control System) manages the cutting capacity of the tool for maximum life and performance
  • High precision electro spindle

Combine Neptun’s QUICKDRILL T8 with Matodi’s POWERCORE bits for ultimate in hole drilling!

Neptun’s solution for hole drilling and milling/notching, QUICKLINE offers maximum productivity with a minimum investment. With QUICKLINE is it is possible to drill and mill/notch at the same time, increasing throughput.

COMPACT Quickline!

Quickline is available in many configurations; Quickline can be installed in as little as 30 feet! (That’s about the same length as a typical edger!)

QUICKLINE with CORNER CUT and LV TOP Vertical Washer

You asked, we listened! Combine the QUICKDRILL, QUICKMILL, CORNER CUT, and LVTOP vertical washer, and the result is an automatic solution for fabricating notches, holes, clipped corners, and clean glass ready for shipping in one line.

Neptun’s QUICKLINE also is able to be expanded as needed. Here is the QUICKLINE combined with Neptun’s Cornercut and LVTOP Vertical Washer. With this system, it is possible to Drill, Notch/Mill, clip the corners, and wash the glass AUTOMATICALLY. The glass only needs to be loaded on the beginning of the line, and taken off the LVTOP Vertical Washer ready for packaging.

Edge, Drill, Mill/Notch, Clip Corners and Wash Glass with minimal handling!



Neptun presents the QUICKDRILL – A compact, efficient vertical CNC drilling solution. Compact in size, but not in features!

Simple to use, fast, efficient production. Combine with Matodi’s POWERCORE drills for the ultimate in hole drilling!


Neptun brings you the ultimate in automated hole drilling: The QUICKDRILL T8


Neptun presents QUICKMILL – a compact, efficient milling/notching solution – compact in size, but not in features!


How much labor is expended every day in your facility clipping corners by hand? Stefano Bavelloni and Neptun introduce Corner Cut – An automatic solution for clipping all four corners in one pass!

Combine CORNER CUT with Neptun’s LV TOP vertical washer, and the result is a completely automatic solution for clipped corners and clean glass!

For additional information visit the Neptun Website or give Matodi a call 336-668-2300.