Matodi Consumables

In addition to machines and tools, Matodi provides quality consumables for the flat glass industry!

Matodi PRO-COOL is a custom blended dry powder coolant.


PRO-COOL Features:

  • ProcoolAnti-Glass Staining formulation
  • Anti-Rust inhibitor
  • Improves running speed up to 20%
  • Extends diamond wheel life
  • Helps to settle swarf
  • Keeps swarf from hardening in the tank
  • Easy to transport, easy to use (no 55 gallon drums to handle and dispose!)
  •  MSDS sheets available

PowerPol Cerium OxidePowerPol Cerium Oxide

Matodi POWER-POL Cerium Oxide is a high grade polishing solution. Calcined to yield a tough and long-lasting particle, this cerium is quality controlled in the USA. POWER-POL offers consistent performance by utilizing a unique suspension formula to aid soft settling, easy suspension, and easy rinse-ability from the work piece.

This white Cerium is ideal for processes needing high performance for beveling and edge polishing and is even well-suited for scratch removal and shape beveling. Shipped in 44lb boxes with plastic liners to minimize shipping costs.




    For additional information give Matodi a call 336-668-2300.